EN NiMH_chargers_E.pdf  User Guide for NiMH chargers, UW-610, UW-710, UW-1210. (English language)
GR DM 01_User-Guide_GR.pdf  User Guide for Mini DM 01 LED Flash Light. (Greek language)
GR POWER LED_Ni MH_GR.pdf  Prospectus of the POWER LED models. (Greek language)
GR SPECTRUMPROlights_GR.pdf  Model Catalog. (Greek language)
GR SPECTRUMPRO_USER-GUIDE_GR.pdf  User Guide. (Greek language)
GR NiMH_chargers_GR.pdf  User guide for chargers NiMH, UW-610, UW-710, UW-1210. (Greek language)
GR LeadAcidGuide_GR.pdf  User guide for chargers Lead Acid, UW-7410, UW-7414. (Greek language)
GR LeadAcidAutoGuide_GR.pdf  User guide for automatic chargers Lead Acid, UW-790, UW-7415, UW-1290. (Greek language) 
AL PERKTHIMI_GREQISHT-SHQIP 1_AL.pdf User Guide. (Albanian language)

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